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Macro Player executable feedback

Please use this thread for questions and comments on the Play Macros From the NI VeriStand Project executable.
Stephen B
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Is there a way to tie a macro to a button in the Veristand Workspace?

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Not presently. However, a custom workspace control could be made with LabVIEW to do that.

Stephen B
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Sounds like a great feature that all Veristand users could benifit from. :-)

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Agreed! I actually forwarded this thread to our R&D team immediately after you posted Smiley Happy

Stephen B
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Oh and just FYI we have an idea exchange you can post additional NIVS ideas to
Stephen B
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Thanks Stephen I'll take a look.

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Hi Stephen


was this idea ever considered for a release?


I would also like to call Macros from Veristand directly. I am thinking about calling a LabView Exe with the parameter of the file path from the UI manager which in turn will execute the Macro  through the gateway. This is however way more complicated than necessary.


Thanks, Raphael

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Hi Raphael,


It looks like a similar feature was added to Veristand. Does this meet your needs?


Macro Recorder and Macro Player




Michael Bilyk
Systems Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi Michael


I am using this currently, what I am looking for is a button in the Veristand GUI that will execute a Macro. I saw the VIs for the LabView API also, but I would like to do it inside Veristand without a custom workspace object preferably.




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