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Issue with "varargout" when creating simulation models using Simulink for use with VeriStand

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I am trying to compile a Simulink model to for use with the NI VeriStand. However, I get the following error message: "Variable output array "varargout" must be a cell array", and I can't understand why.


In my model I only use simple Simulink blocks in the standard library (such as Math Operations, Discrete Integrators etc), and I don't use any User-Defined Functions. I am trying to figure out where this "varargout" comes from, and how to troubleshoot this.


I am currently using Matlab R2016b, with the Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 compiler, and NI VeriStand 2015, with NI VeriStand 2015 Model Framework.


I followed the steps as described in this tutorial and got the following error message:

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Hi, how are you?


I found this compatibility table witch says that the later version of Simulink supported by NI Veristand 2015 is Simulink R2015a. As you said you are current using MATLAB R2016b, you should be using at least NI Veristand 2017. Since you aren't using User-Defined Functions, I believe the uncompatibility is the source of the issue you reported. 


NI VeriStand Version Compatibility


Let me know if you have any doubts. 

Best Regards, 

Isabelle Orlandi
Engenharia de Aplicações
National Instruments Brasil
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