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How to use the real 'auto log' function in User Interface

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I put a 'Data Logging Control' box in User Interface ,and set the Start Trigger as below:



Then I runed this project and control the channel value(CTL) by LabVIEW though the interface between LaBVIEW and Veristand.

I found that this funtion was more in name than in reality, it was not really 'Auto Start', I also need to click the 'Start logging' button before it works. see in below:


I want to start logging just by control the channel ,without control clicking the button ,what shall I do ? thanks


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Also keen to understand how to achieve this - is there a way to programmatically 'start' the data logging control post-deployment?

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This is a modified version of what I am doing to log data with a trigger channel.  In my case I log for 10 seconds when my trigger channel goes high, then reset and wait for it to trigger again.  I tried to put some comments in so hopefully it will get you started.

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