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Has anyone had any success using the <InactiveGlyph> in a Custom Device XML file?

I'm using VeriStand 2015 SP1.  I have a custom device that I want to be able to enable/disable.  I've created a RunTimeMenu for the custom device that allows the end user to select "Disable Custom Device".  Once selected, a VI executes and and disables the Custom Device using NI VeriStand - Update Custom Device Flag VI.  I can save the system definition file and using a text editor, I can see that the "CD Status" property for the custom device status changes from 1 to 2. (That appears to work correctly).  However, once the custom device is disabled, I would have expected the glyph in the system explorer to use the glyph that I defined using <InactiveGlyph> tag, but I am unsuccessful.  Can anyone confirm that they have had success using this functionality?





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Hi Damien,


I was unaware of the <InactiveGlyph> tag, so I'm not sure offhand of how it is supposed to function.


However, in the past when I've written disable code to disable a custom device is to define two separate entries in the XML with different GUIDs and icons, but the same VIs.  In the code to disable the custom device, you just change the GUID of the page to your "disabled" one, and the glyph will change.


I admit that this approach is not ideal though, and if that <InactiveGlyph> tag exists, it seems like a much better way to go about it, assuming it works.  Hopefully someone else has used it and can chime in...

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Hello Devin,


Thanks for the suggestion.  That work around provides the functionality we were looking for.



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