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Fault Insertion Units Add-On Feedback Forum

Please post your questions and feedback for the Fault Insertion Units Add-On.

Stephen B
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   Hi Stephen,
I have a question regardind the use of the NI 2510 with custom device. Specifications says that it can drive simultaneously 38 relays, and so, if I want to use more than 38 channels (I always use only 1 relay to set 1 channel) of the NI 2510 I have to stop and restart. Is there a method for working with more than 38 channels? Is there a way to set the custom device in order to "release" some relays for do the test on other channels? 

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The hardware is limited to faulting 38 lines at a time. If you desire to override this limit, you will need to speak with our hardware support team by creating a service request via


There is no reason to stop and restart. As long as you never fault more than 38 at a time, things work fine. If you are faulting 38 channels and need to fault another channel, simply unfault one of your currently faulted channels so then you can fault a new channel.

Stephen B
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Hi Stephen,

thank you for your response, I try to better explain my question. I don't want to override the limit of maximum number of simultaneously driven relays. I would like to know how to unfault a channel previously used.  The relays of the NI 2510 are non latching, so if I want to work with more than 38 relays I have to Reset the device to unlatch the previous set of relays. But reset device function is not present in custom device, and so can you tell me how can I work with more than 38 channels with custom device?

Thank you in advance,


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Yes I understand. Simply change them back to non fault states ("dut pass through") and they will unfault.

Stephen B
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Thank you for your immediate response, I will try to do what you say and I'll bring you up to date.

Best regards,


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Hi Stephen B


we have a FIU NI PXI-2510 connected to a NI PXIe-1062Q.

We have been followed the user guide on for installation but the system is not able to command the internal switches.

A first approach to verify if a switch (relay) has been opened during a simulation with NI veristand project, was a pin to pin (beep) test with a multimeter between CH0 e DUT0. The command used to open the switch was DUT Open with the Channel 0. The result of this test is a continue "beep" (current flowing) for each selected channel command option.


About you, where we are wrong?

There are other needed configurations (or tricks) to enable the switch command (from NI-Max editor for example)?





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Hi Andrea,

I dont see immediately what your problem is. Following the instructions should have made this work. Could you please check and answer these questions? Some of them are very basic, but I want to eliminate the common causes.

- Does the device name in MAX and the "Hardware Device Name" in the System Explorer match?

- Is the device is showing up without any errors in MAX?

- What version of Veristand are you using? Could you please check if you installed the version of the custom device and workspace control which matches the Veristand version?

-  Could you check if you used the 2510 custom device and not 2512 or 2514 in the system explorer? If you are not sure, just delete and readd the 2510 custom device

- How did you pass the command for the Open Circuit to the 2510 card? Did you use an FIU custom control on the workspace or a regular numeric control? Or was it some other way?




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HI Arindam,

the PXI 2510 is installed correctly (screen shot 1 - 5)

the problem is in the MAX, I can not configure the pxi why me error (screen shot 2 - 3).

However, respect to previous questions:

-I using Veristand 2013 sp1.

-I installed the version of the custom device and workspace control (fiu_add_on_1.0_nivs2013).

-I use an FIU custom control on the workspace (scree shot 4)




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Could you please reattach the screenshots?I cannot see them.

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