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Hi cwalk,


It seems like you have exceeded the current limit that your PXI - 2510 device is rated for. Please refer to you device specifications -> 


The explanation for error number -200671 is -

"Switch device has been disabled to prevent it from exceeding its simultaneous relay drive limit.

To recover, call DAQmx Disconnect All, or reset the device. The device can be reset either programmatically or by using Measurement & Automation Explorer."


This error message is expected in this situation, and is thrown by the underlying drivers for this device, and not the VeriStand add-on. You will need to limit the current that this device is switching, or contact NI support if you need further assistance. 

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Hi Goswami,


I do not know how the PXI- 2510 could have gotten into this fault state- it has never been connected to anything other than the NI cable.

I performed the reset in MAX (self test also passes in MAX), but I still get the same error code after deploying in VeriStand.




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 Hi Curt


The 2510 can only drive a certain number of relays at the same time. This number is 38 relays, and is mentioned in the specifications document  -


In the system definition, if you have more than 38 relays set to an intial value other than "Pass Through", then the device will try to switch these relays at once when you deploy you rsystem deifiniton.


I guess that might be what's happening. Could you please check that?



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Hi Arindam,


You were correct - I had exceeded the 38 relay simultaneous switch state limit.

 I thought the Open state would be the default (non-energized) state instead the Pass thru state is the default non-energized state.


Many Thanks


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Hi all,

on the fault insertion units page ( how perform BUS fault injection for PXI-2510 is explained. Is there the possibility to do bus fault injection also on 2512?

The custom device does not  export this possibility in the system definition file. 


Thank you!

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Unfortunately it does look like the custom device files included with the tutorial do not include access to the fault buses for either the NI 2512 or 2514. However, these devices do include 2 fault buses each so it is possible to add them. We would have to manually modify the source code of the PXI-2512 custom device, which is included in the download files. 

Daniel K | Hiller Measurements
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Can we get the custom device files built for VS2015?

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We currently do not have a built copy for VeriStand 2015.  However, the source is available here and you can open it with LabVIEW 2015.  Once you open the source you would then need to build the custom device and verify its functionality as we have not tested it with 2015, but don't see any immediate problems building with 2015.



M. Whitaker
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This is Chung Jaehyung working as an AE in Korea branch.


I am migrating my ECU HIL demo from 2014 to 2016 and it requires 2510 custom device. but on the site, there is no custom device for 2016. Would you upload custom device for NIVS 2016? Also, please notice me after update.



Chung, jaehyung


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Hi Chung,


Given the source code above, you should be able to compile your own 2016 version of this custom device.  The steps to do that are as follows:


1.)  Download the source files and open the LabVIEW Project.

2.)  Mass compile the project for LabVIEW 2016.  Tools >> Advanced >> Mass Compile

3.)  Right-click Build Specifications in the project and select Build All.  The destination file path should display after the custom device is rebuilt.

4.)  Move the resulting Engine and Configuration .LLBs and the XML to the VeriStand 2016 Custom Device Folder (C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\NI VeriStand 2016\Custom Devices)


From there, you should be able to add the custom device to VeriStand 2016 without errors.  

Matt | NI Systems Engineering
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