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Hi, I am currently using VeriStand 2016 with LabVIEW 2016 and the custom device works good for FIU 2510 and 2514. Now I need to upgrade to VeriStand 2017 having the same LabVIEW version to support SLSC, kindly let me know can I use the same custom device for VeriStand 2017.



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To use the custom device in VeriStand 2017, it will need to be rebuilt and compiled for use in LabVIEW 2017. It appears that the latest build of this CD is in 2016. If you somehow have access to the source code, you could do this yourself, otherwise you will need to wait until a 2017 build is uploaded.

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Here is the location of the source, as crdub09 stated you will just need to rebuild it for LabVIEW 2017 and then you should be able to use it with VeriStand 2017. 


NI VeriStand Add-on - NI Fault Insertion Units:




Applications Engineer 

National Instruments

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Just a weird bug that I noticed in my system using this custom device. I'm using the 2016 build for the 2510.


If the device name in MAX matches the device name in Veristand, but that name includes a - in it, the custom device does not seem to work. It will not throw an error though (It seems the custom device will not through an error even if the name set in Veristand is entirely wrong, which I tested as well).

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 Hi Stephen,

I'm currently using Veristand 2016, Labview 2016 and the custom device for FIU 2512.

I don't have the expected behaviour with AC signals.

Here is some results with the following configuration:

INPUT (Green) : sine wave 1KHz; 7.5V Peak to Peak

OUTPUT (Yellow) on open relay (both positive and negative side)000.jpgAs you can see, the signal is still measured (5V P-P). What can I do to completely cut this signal? Is that a normal behaviour?
Note that all is fine with DC signal.


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Hi Stephen,

I'm upgrading a project in Veristand from 2014 version to 2016 one. I replace the addon for FIU: for the 2510 I have no problem when I deploy, instead when I add the 2512 one and deploy, I have the error #1126. It says that my version is earlier for the project.

Thank you in advance.



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Error 1126 indicates that you have a custom device that is compiled for the wrong version of VeriStand. You said that you replaced the addon, did you use the 2016 version of the addon for both the 2510 and 2512? Both custom devices will need to be updated to work in the newer version.

Nick Smith
Product Support Engineer - C Series Controllers
R&D - Analog HW Discipline
National Instruments
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This is Namgyu Kim from NI Korea as an Applications Engineer.


Can I get an Add-On file to add the 2510 FIU Custom Device from NI VeriStand 2018?

The customer I support has to use VeriStand 2018. He needs to add the 2510 as a custom device, but the current NI VeriStand Add-On - NI Fault Insertion Units page doesn't include a 2018 version of FIU Add-On File.


Could you upload this file for our customer? Thanks for your help.


Best regards,


Namgyu Kim

NI Korea AE

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Hi Namgyu,


I don't know of a 2018 build for the FIU 2510 Custom Device. Unless someone else on this forum has built in and can upload it, you can download the source code here and build it for 2018.


Please let your customer know that this custom device is archived, so it is no longer being updated.



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