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Hi Andrea,
Could you upload the screenshots here itself, in this thread.?
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Thanks Andrea,


At this stage this does not look like an issue with the custom device.


Next steps

-You can run your 'beep' test from MAX using the 'Test Panel'.

-You could also do the 'Self Test' diagnostic from MAX.

- If this does not work, then you should contact NI support and ask for support for the 2510, and give them the results of the tests you ran.


If you can successfully run your beep test from the test panel for open and closed circuit, and your custom device still does not work, let us know here on this forum. 



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HI Arindam,

there is a problema when I use the 'Test Panel' in MAX (screenshot1),

but the 'self test' is OK!




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Thanbks for your patience Andreas.


Does your beep test with veristand succeed on another pin? If it does, then thisa is probably a hardware issue.

If it does not work with anotehr pin, You should contact NI support. They cannot help you with setting up the VeriStand add-on for the fault insertion. But they can help you verify your hardware and driver configuration and test this card from MAX or LabVIEW.


I have used the 2510 with VeriStand 2013 SP1 and have not seen this issue. So I recommend you verify your hardware and driver setup with NI support for the PXI-2510. Please mention the errors that you saw in MAX to them.

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would you do a check on NI max (scree-shot 2).

is that correct?


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Hi Andrea,


The MAX screenshot seems fine to me, but I do not know why you are getting the error on device reset. 


The regular NI support channel can help you to test your card using LabVIEW or MAX. Contacting them should be your next step. After contacting them let me know if it is a problem with your 2510 card setup or not. I can then look into it.

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Goswami has given some good advice. I'd try testing on a couple more pins to check if you encounter the same unexpected result. Additionally, running LabVIEW example code to perform a simple function with the switch will also be useful to isolate the issue to hardware.


If the issue does seem to be with the HW, I recommend contacting our support department for further evaulation and possibly setup an RMA (return for manufacturer approval). You can create a service request here.



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PXI-2510 Generates Error -200671 with VS 2014 - what is the cause of error?

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