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Error -307882 and Error -307654 on Tools >> Channel Calibration

I want to share this in case anyone else comes across this problem.


You may receive the above mentioned errors -307882 and -307654, in VeriStand 2014 and 2015 repsectively, when attempting to open the Channel Calibration window if your System Definition File does not include a DAQ Task. Additionally, only channels included in the Task will be displayed in the Channel Calibration window.


As a note, I'm running English language versions of VeriStand on a German language Windows 7 OS.

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I am having this exact issue. We are running VeriStand 2014 and i am receiving Error -307882 when i try to open the Channel Calibration window in the System Definition File. I attempted to add a DAQ Task (at least i think that is what i added) and it did not seem to help. Would someone be willing to explain in greater detail what needs to be done?

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