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Deployment time for asynchronouss custom device is very long


I'm really appreciated if someone help me out my issue for Veristand.


I made asynchronous custom device for Veristand and it seems working correctly.


If I deploy system definition from host Veristand project, asynchronous custom device start within 5 sec.

However, If I set "RT Target Reboot Action = Run System Definition" and RT load system definition automatically, asynchronous custom device take more than 40 sec.



I would like to reduce Power on time.


so If any workaround or setting would be greatly appreciated.


thanks regard




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Is that time constant?

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have you tried deploying the system defintition without the custom device in it? how long does that take? 


when you start up you RT target normally without deploying the system definition file how long does it take to boot? 

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Hello VA.KI and ecleary42


thank for comments.

I found cause of issue, that Host Heartbeat Custom Device lead long start up time by waiting TCP connection establishment.

I use several custom devices, so It was hard to figure out cause of issue.


I modified Host Heartbeat Custom Device and boot time reduced to about 10 sec.


Anyway, thanks very much for your support.


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