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DAQmx Support for C series Modules on cRIO targets in VeriStand 2018

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The last release of CompactRIO includes support for DAQmx on cRIO chassis (see What is CompactRIO with NI-DAQmx?). It is now possible to use some C series modules with DAQmx from any LabVIEW RT application in CompactRIO chassis. We can now access to C series modules unsing FPGA interface, Scan Mode or DAQmx (support may vary according to the considered module, see NI C Series Module Compatibility Chart).


And what about VeriStand 2018 ? I did not find any information about that support in VeriStand 2018 What's New.


So I made some test to use a NI 9203 with VeriStand using DAQmx interface, on a cRIO-9045. The module was properly configured in MAX to use DAQmx. VeriStand hardware discovery wasn't able to see the module. I tried to set it up manually, using the "Mod5" seen in MAX as device name, the project did not deploy: an error stands DAQ device not supported (or something like that).


I know that VeriStand is build on LabVIEW, and this implies a kind of delay between new features available in LabVIEW and their implementation in native VeriStand features. Could you confirm that DAQmx interface for C series modules is not available in VeriStand 2018, using native DAQmx section in the System Explorer? Or is it supposed to work? (and what did I miss in configuration? )


Best regards,

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Accepted by Mathieu_R.

Bonjour Mathieu,


VeriStand 2018 officially supports all CompactRIO with NI-DAQmx controllers (cRIO-904x) as a RIO device. VeriStand 2018 does not yet support these controllers as a DAQmx device.


Have a good day

Best regards,

National Instruments France

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Hi Eloïse,


Nice to read you, thank you very much for that quick confirmation Smiley Wink


When this functionality would be available ? Can I consider it should be in VeriStand 2019 ?



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I'm sorry, we have no information on the availability of these functions.


Best regards,

National Instruments France

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HI Mathieu,


As Eloise mentioned, VeriStand 2018 does not support NI-DAQmx on CompactRIO. However, the cRIO-904x controllers do support the using the device in FPGA or Scan Engine Mode.


Adding NI-DAQmx on CompactRIO support in VeriStand is something that we are planning to add in the future. However, we do not have a concrete timeline for when this functionality will be added. 





Product Support Engineer

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Hello Andy,

Thank you for this information complement. It could be nice to be able to address fast acquition using waveform support of VeriStand, whithout having to develop a dedicated Custom Device - thus using DAQmx native support. I'll check future release notes...

Have a nice week-end,

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