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Custom Device XML Version Tag: Does it work?

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It's (supposed to be) pretty simple...


My Custom Device XML contains



my ActionVIOnLoad reads the Version and (for debugging purposes) feeds it to a dialog box.

The dialog box reads "1.0.0"


I have...

  • Deleted the custom device, rebuilt it, manually confirmed that the XML file is in the correct location with the correct content
  • Verified that the new version of the custom device is being called (by changing the BG color of my pages)
  • Deleted the instance of the custom device from my test project and re-added it
  • Verified that I am not calling the Set Version anywhere in my code

I am stumped. This is not supposed to be hard.

Suggestions? Can someone prove to me that this XML tag actually works?


Thanks in advance, Rob

NOTE: Version 15 SP1

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Have you restarted NI VeriStand between your attempts? The Custom Device XML is loaded only once during the NIVS load

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Accepted by topic author 10Things_Rob

OK, so I figured it out...

During my build process, I have a VI that updates the Version Number in the XML file. That VI was not closing the file. Once I put the close file in, then things started working.


-- Rob

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Good suggestion, yes I was doing that too.

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