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Converting old VeriStand project

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During NIDays last year I discussed uprading VeriStand setup from 2014 to a more modern version. The NI-representative mentioned that when upgrading from VS2014 to for example 2017, due to some incompatibilities, a project conversion tool might be necessary.

I have not seen this tool mentioned anywhere. Is it actually required? If yes - has anyone seen it? 



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I have converted a project from 2012 to 2019 just by opening the old project in the new verison of VeriStand and saving the project from there, this worked without issue

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also if you have custom devices or workspace objects these will be need to be rebuilt in LabView which is the same version as your new version of VeriStand


i.e. 2019 VeriStand needs LabView 2019 builds

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Yes, that makes sense. Thanks for the reply. 

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no problem, mark my comment as the solution and the thread solved when this works for you 🙂

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