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Can not convert a LabVIEW (.vi) model into compiled (.lvmodel) file

Hi Everyone,

I'm a beginner and now I'm creating a real-time control system with LabVIEW and VeriStand. After building a simple LabVIEW model (.vi), I'm going to convert it into compiled model (.lvmodel) for using in the Veristand environment . In LabVIEW, I have configured connector pane for my model with required and recommended connection, and then clicked "Generate Model from VI", but it returned with an error:
"Getting subsystem information...ERROR:
Code: 99999
Source: Unsupported datatype.
Error occurred. No DLL produced"
My system consists of Windows 10 (64bit), LabVIEW 2015 (32bit, Professional Development System), VeriStand 2015SP1, and my model (.vi) as shown in the attach file.

Have anyone can let me know, please:

(1). Why it returned this message and how to solve this problem.

(2). If my model (.vi) has subsystem, to compile it into (.lvmodel), what I have to prepare before?

(3). If my model (.vi) has while-loop and other functions, to compile it into (.lvmodel), what I have to prepare before converting model into (.lvmodel)   


Thank you all very much!

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VeriStand Models only accept Double as possible datatypes for your inputs/outputs on the connector pane. I see some I/O Refs and booleans that could trigger this problem.


In addition, I noticed that you are trying to do "hardware" inside a model. We recommend using "custom devices" when working with such kind of models:


However, since you are working with XNET, maybe you'd be better to learn how to use XNET directly in VeriStand and just focus on placing the processing of the XNET code with your model. That would make your inputs/outputs all Doubles and it would avoid creating your own custom device for your application.

Barp - Control, Simulation, RTT and HIL - National Instruments
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Barp, thank you very much for your reply! 

I know that my model is not very good for converting to the (.lvmodel) using in VeriStand, but i do this because I want to reuse many (.vi) models built before. But I see the LabVIEW Help Documents, in which said that "front panel controls or indicators assigned to the VI connector pane have only the following data types: Numerics or Booleans", not "only accept Double as possible datatypes for your inputs/outputs on the connector pane". Why some I/O Refs and booleans could trigger that problem?

It would be better for me to use XNET directly in VeriStand? How can I use XNET directly in VeriStand?

Because I'm new to LabVIEW and VeriStand, so it would be great if I get some guidance from you in more detail!!!!

Thanks a lot again!

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Acutally you can use different  Numerics as data types. It is internally typecasted to double. Be aware, that I/O ref is not numeric. It is complex data type, that contains pointer and some more information...

For the xnet usage in VeriStand see


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Hello everyone !


I have the same problem but i just want to build my vi to lvmodel.

I have the same error and i use clusters with double and booleen.


Thank you


Emma Zamora

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