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Calculated Channels - upload


I created a Calculated Channel (MyCalcChannel) and I used Condition like setting.

So MyCalcChannel is 0

if MyChannel is 0

   then MyCalcChannel is 1

   else MyCalcChannel is 0

and until now there aren't problems...

Now, In my my workspace, I have the MyChannel control and MyCalcChannel indicator. If I change the MyChannel value, the MyCalcChannel works properly, but If I change MyCalcChannel I supposed that the clock after it takes the rigth value, but it doesn't.

Why? I hope it is clear otherwise I'm going to send an example


Thank you Fabio 

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I'm wondering how you managed to change the value of a Calculated Channel from the workspace? It should not be possible as all calculated channels are read only ...


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Thank you very much for your answer. In fact when I change the Calculated Channel Value I can read an error... So the effect that I can read is that the control/indicator change value but the channel value is the same...


I don't like very much this effect. If I define an object like an indicator the user cannot modify its value. But that is.


Thank you very much for your answer

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