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[CRASH] LabVIEW Crash when calling Veristand System Definition API

Hi board and NI-Engineer,


I need help. I am using LV2012, TS2012, and VS2012.


I want to create my own workspace in LabVIEW since i can do more thing in LV instead of using workspace in VS.


My problem is, LV crash every time i call vi as shown in the picture below:


My vi called "Channel Selection" which is shipped when i buy Veristand.

I closed all reference and also put free allocated memory in this vi, but LV still crash.



I send always my crash report more than 50 times.....  hopefully NI engineer can do something...

Now, i am asking directly for help, because i really need this function to select channel by right-clicking control in front panel.

Any help/idea would be very highly appreciated.. thanks!



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One week is over...


Still waiting and hoping that someone from NI can do something...





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Hi Rajamodol,


I would try a repair of LabVIEW in the window's control pane.

I think this helps.


Best regards


Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD)
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