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I'm working on a project where I need to log data for long duration ( let's say 2 years continuously ). I am logging the data generated in Veristand by the host workspace data log functions. I know that I can segment the data and create multiple files and I am segmenting the file for every hour. My problem is, it will generate so many number of files, which my host computer will not be able to store. I want to move the segmented files to a network storage drive while the logging is continuing. 


What are the best way to do so? 


I tried manually and programmatically copying the files to different place, I see the next segmented file name starts from the beginning. This is also a problem to find out which is the correct file order for the segmented files.


I have tried the download log file function and it is always giving me error that "the log file is invalid"


I'm using LabVIEW 2017 and Veristand 2017.

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Do you put timestamp on file names?

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Thanks for the idea. I was keeping the date and time as a constant in the file name(calculating date time while starting). Now I moved it to  date time string so that Veristand automatically adds the date and time to each file created. This solved the renaming issue. Now I can at-least use my own file copy code to move each of them to a new destination.

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