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Add the etherCat xml file in NI Veristand (PXI-8106 is being used)


I have PXI-8106 controller, on the PXI-1031 chassis, and a PXI-8231 Ethernet card inserted. Basically the idea is to connect ethercat (which in turn  connected to another controller in future as the slave to the PXI master) using the Ethernet card. The PXI controller will be the master, which will be connected to the computer host. Presently the ethercat slave device is not present, but the task of implementing the xml file of the slave is not happening in veristand system definition file, when the auto detect device and/or Manage 3rd party ECAT is performed under the custom device, scan engine and EtherCAT. Any suggestions/Solution on this?

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Basically, I used Beckhoff hardware as EtherCAT slaves in a VeriStand project (EK1100 coupler, EL4134, EL3104, EL3318, and EL3443).


To get Auto-detect working, it requieres :

  • the connection to the hardware (powered)
  • the deployment of hardwre descriptions (*.xml files) on both RT target and host computer


Autodetection also relies on a component installed on the target to allow remote/programmatic configuration of shared variables (I don't remember the exact name).



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Thanks, Its working fine with LabVIEW. Now the problem is not detecting in Veristand.

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If the EtherCAT slave detection works with LabVIEW, in LabVIEW RT projet, it should works with VeriStand. Just make sure that the VeriStand Engine is properly configured. I mean, if you used your target with LabVIEW RT, the VeriStand Engine is probably not running as expected (run at startup disabled ?). Use MAX to reinstall VeriStand Engine.


Hope this helps,

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