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ASAM Steps : VeriStand is not installed

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A bit short for the context to provide a precise answer. If you are only user of the ASAM steps types, you should only use the package that install everything for your setup (I don't know what is available on GitHub). And if using official packages, if something wrong occurs, contact NI support team.


NationalInstruements.VeriStand.ClientAPI is the .Net component that exposes the client API. If you are using LabVIEW, the VeriSTand palette is wrapping this .Net API. Maybe a name change in API, or a bad registration of the .Net component ? I don't know. Did you try to repair VeriStand 2018 SP1 ?



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I'll try and include as much as possible. I am trying to use Veristand steps for Teststand in order to automate some tests. Here is the link to the community post, it includes a link to the GitHub page.


I have encountered the missing file error once before when I was trying to run Veristand via the python API they have provided. Whenever I used any functions from the Legacy API I would get the same error. The error is as follows:


FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'NationalInstruments.Veristand.ClientAPI, Version=2018.0.0.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=a6d690c380daa308' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.


Is there some way to restore just this file?


There are a lot of projects on the 2018 SP1 installation so I don't want to risk them by reinstalling or something similar.


Thank you.

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Ok, as stated on the GitHub page :


🚨This tool is not supported by NI R&D, please use the supported ASAM XIL Steps for NI TestStand for future development🚨


I tryed to use them a couple of years ago, they worked, but I strongly advise againt their usage (poor modularity, with step configuration written in TestStand Locals of FileGlobals, no support from NI, no support for newer version of VeriStand/TestStand - what's going on if you plan to upgrade theses softwares ?)


I used ASAM XIL TestStand Steps instead for some projects, they worked as expected with VeriStand 2018 SP1. These steps are based on an other interface, promoted by the Association for Standartization of Automation and Measuring Systems.

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Yes that makes sense. Although I am unable to find any resources online for using ASAM XIL in teststand. I was going for veristand steps because theres an abundance of examples online. Are there any resources available for examples where XIL steps are used to control veristand?I am a beginner at veristand/teststand. I have installed it but the usage is not really intuitive. 


Thank you.

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