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[2019 R3] Launching a project through Veristand API


Hi all,

 Veristand 2019 introduced a new project file format. If I open a project through the UI, it expects me to open a new (nivsprj) file or convert an old (nivsproj) file. However when I try to open files through the .NET API, I get:

  • an error (text follows) for the new format (nivsprj)
  • a success (project gets opened) for the old format (nivsproj)

That causes a sort of conmfusion for me, as now I don't know which file to keep/use.


I'm using 


function to open the project.


Error text (opening nivsprj with GetIProject()):

-307650: Error -307606 occurred at Project Window.lvlib:Project >> Project >> >>
Possible reason(s):
NI VeriStand: The file does not contain a valid file format.


Any explanations and/or tips on automating the 2019 R3? Thank you in advance!

Piotr F.
Hardware Engineer @ ZF
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Hello iwane,


Have you had a chance to view this KB?

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Hello VA.KI,

 Thank you for the link! I haven't seen it yet. The error is similar, but not the same... In the KB, error location is in; in my case the error pops up in - I suppose that the location matters. Veristand itself starts fine; the problem appears when launching a project from the API.


I think it might be an migration issue, as (maybe) not all features are already migrated to the new file format and both old one and the new one is required for the time being... I'd like to confirm it, though 🙂


Piotr F.
Hardware Engineer @ ZF
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Hello Piotr,


Fully agree, should be migration issue.

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