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LabVIEW Training Issues

Hello all!

So I have been trying to follow some of the online training courses "Object Oriented Design and Programming in LabVIEW" and "Advanced Architectures in LabVIEW".  Both of those function horribly, with sound dropping out and video (other than the progress) bar freezing as well.  I have tried this in both Edge browser and Chrome so I don't think it's a browser problem.  Its also not a bandwidth problem as other video applications don't have the same problem.  Some lessons work ok but most don't.   There used to be books that went along with the courses and that was the original way to do remote learning, before everything went to online videos.  Does anyone know if the manuals are still available?


The courses too are extremely dated, with "Advanced Architectures" being about a decade old and "Object Oriented" maybe 8 years old.  Does anyone know if more recent versions of those courses are available?  Even through a different provider than NI?  For now I am making do by searching for topics that are relevant to me and reading up on those.

Thanks in advance,