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what are the various ways of assigning the results of a vi in teststand to a global variable?

So what are the different methods for passing the results of a sequence calling a vi to a station global which will then then pass that value to subsequent sequences?

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Global scope can be achieved in many ways: station globals, file globals, engine temp globals, execution runtime variables, local variable propagation, some tricks with process model, perhaps some tricks with synchronization manager. Each of the above-mentioned methods has some limitations and not all of them can be said to be "true global".


Anyway, if you want to output your results from a VI, l would suggest to use sequence context as an input and use it with one of the mentioned options. If you really don't want to pass context as an input you can use Automation Open LabVIEW primitive or TestStand Manager Controls to access e.g. engine globals or synchronization manager and read/write your globals.

Michał Bieńkowski

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