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using property loader for sub-sequence parameter

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I have a subsequence within Main sequence.  The subsequence is in the same file and has one parameter (a string, empty by defualt).  I cannot seem to figure out how to use property loader to populate this parameter - even if I make the parameter an array of DatabasePropertyMapping.  What am I missing?

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There are several ways to do this, but let's assume that your property loader step is in Setup in MainSequence and MainSequence has a local named "StringParameter".  When you call the subsequence, Locals.StringParameter should be the parameter for the subsequence.  Then, in your property  loader file, part of it will look like this:


<Locals>                Variable Value
StringParameter   "Test String"

I would also suggest looking at the examples in \Examples\PropertyLoader\LoadingLimits\ in your TestStand folder.


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Why are yo populating a parameter.  That makes no sense.  It will get overridden at run time by the caller.  You should be populating the variable that is being passed into the subsequence from the caller.



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Ok.  I can poplulate a variable from Property Loader, then use that for my subsequence parameter.  Now I need to change this variable based on Step.Name (for about 100 step names).  How can I set up the schema so that this local varibable is triggered off of my StepName column.  I look at the example database shipped with the examples. I want to put different values into MODEL variable (about 100 different strings based on Step.Name).  Not sure how I could do that with the schema below.. 



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Your question doesn't really make sense to me.  The property loader is really designed for initializing variables at the beginning of a sequence.    


If you want to change the value of your local variable after any step, just add the appropriate expression to the Step's Post Expression.  


I wonder if maybe what you want to do is use the SequenceFilePostStep Callback.  If you use a FileGlobal instead of a Local, that callback can do whatever it is you need to do to that variable after every single step.


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Ok.  I think I was trying to do something Property Loader was not designed for...  

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