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using CVI object files

I have a CVI project that has several FP files and three C files, along
with a few header files. One of the C files is tscvirun_supp.c and I
have it configured to be built as an object file prior to running.

My problem is this:

If I have TestStand configured to use the CVI adapter and use an external
instance of CVI, my sequence runs fine. I can point to either C files
or OBJ files and everything runs.

If I try to configure the CVI adapter to run In-Process I get an error
from TestStand that it can't get a CVI step module address on the first
function I call. It can't find the function being pointed to by the
sequence step.

I have configured AutoLoadLibs with the default CVI libraries along with
any files required by my sequence
. I also put my OBJ files in AutoLoadLibs
and my DLLs are in the system path.

What does CVI do for me that I am missing when CVI isn't running?

I've tried everything I can think of and converting to DLLs instead of
object files isn't a good option. Is there something specific I need to
do when I create my object file(s)?


Steve Heitke Tellabs Operations, Inc. Advanced Test Methods Bolingbrook, IL 60440
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Dear Steve,

TestStand uses tscvirun_supp.c as an 'execution server'. If you have put together a CVI project yourself this file should not have been included in it. The tscvirun_supp.c file is required by TestStand when it has to debug a .c files.

In order to use an object file from TestStand you would create the CVI project just like you would create a project that creates a DLL. However, Instead of generating a DLL, you would only generate an object file for each .c file.

I have put together a small project to illustrate this. I have placed the zip file on our ftp site ( under the name


Adeel Malik
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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