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Hello, I need to create an operator account with the "set next step to cursor" enable but DO NOT eneble "run mode options" during the run time. I noticed if I set to True ControlExecFlow in the user manager it enables both options, I am wondering if there is any way to just disable run mode options but leave enable set next step to cursor. Please advice.
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Hi zamoro


I’m really sorry but it’s not possible to do it, at least not that way and not that simple. Here is a link that shows the functions of all the user sub properties User and Group Privileges. Here you can find how each of the different options modify the environment behavior for your reference and specifically in section of the description of ControlExecFlow says which features are enable.


Maybe it can be done (Programatically using the TestStand API)  if you program in LabVIEW (low level), another Development environment or TS itself  but it’s not that simple. Why do you need to enable one and disable the another?  This could help me have a better understanding and provided you a recommendation.


If I find another thing that can help I will tell you, and feel free to let me know if you have any other questions regarding this issue.






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I was afraid of that would be the answer.




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