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for each step there is a parameter named TS.StartTime. The TestStand ReferenceManual explains it as "the number of seconds since the TestStand Engine initialized". I do not realy understand when the TestStand Engine initializes. What I need is just the start time of each step (i.e. sequence call) in my main sequence to have a start and end time for each of it. I can evaluate the end time of a step with TS.TotalTime, but to do this I need a start time.

Thanks a lot and regards

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Hi Nicole
Maybe this forums entry will help you.
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Nicole -
The value in the TS.StartTime is similar to the Seconds expression function.  You can use the Date and Time expression functions to convert the output of Seconds to a formated string or individual values.  The key is to pass the seconds value to parameter 6 and True for parameter 7 of the Date or Time functions. 

If you want to know when the engine started, you can determine this by calling the expression: 'Seconds(False) - Seconds(True)', or using the API by calling 'Engine.SecondsSince1970UniversalCoordinatedTime() - Engine.SecondsSinceStart()'.

Scott Richardson
National Instruments
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