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teststand save execution for later run

I have a requirement to be able to save an execution for a later run.  The sequence of events is:  Run a test, pause, shutdown the system, open the execution later and run from the last state.  Is this possible to do programmatically in TestStand?
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Hi AK,


i had the same problem and solved it by logging the Sequence Status (RunState.StepIndex) to a database.

As Primary key i used the UUT Number....

(Do not logg the UUT Number as 1st step, check first, if it already exists)


Now you have to read the database entry on the beginning.

Set the StepIndex from the database as a FileGlobal and set it as next step...


  RunState.StepGroup = "Main",

  RunState.NextStepIndex = FileGlobals.ABORT_STEP


hope, this helps you 😉


(sorry if my english is a little bit broken....)

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Thanks, I will give it a try.  Did you just use your own database, or did you use an existing one in TestStand to store the step index?  Cheers.
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Hi AK,


Sorry for the poor description....

I am working on a documentation in German and English.


I used a new access database, the TestStand database logs the enters with an ID as Primary key, not the UUT Serial....

My Database has the UUT Serial number as Primary key and a column "CURRENT_STEP" that contains the StepIndex of the last Step....


On the Startup you've got to read the database... If the "CURRENT_STEP" = 0 -> start from the beginning,   if not -> set


  RunState.StepGroup = "Main",

  RunState.NextStepIndex = FileGlobals.ABORT_STEP


I hope the documentation is finished on Monday, it should help you....

But I can't guarantee, that the English version is free of misspellings.....

But it contains many Screenshots 😉

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Your english is fine 🙂

I am trying to do this from within LabVIEW code - I have a UI within a LabVIEW program.

I've tried your suggestion, but run into the problem that I don't have an execution on start up.  After saving the step index to the database, shutting down, then restarting, how do I get an execution so that I can set the NextStepIndex on it?

Thanks for your help.

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Please give me your email address.

I'll send you the Documentation.

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