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teststand not communicating with labview

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Hello All,


I am using Teststand 2012 and Labview 2012 SP1 . I am using Testsequence calling Codemodules developed usnig Labview 2012 .


Issue 1: When I call main sequence the code modules was not getting called .But when I sperately execute the VI ( By the way this is simple ,DMM vi) the VI was executing perfectly .


solution : - opened the configuration tab and selected adapters and selected Labview .After that getting into that we selected from runtime Engine to Development Engine.


With this the issue got sorted out .why does this behaviour happened .


Please let me know if any one knows or faced the same type of issue .



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I have recently experienced issues with TestStand and LabVIEW code modules, eventually I found the below linked white paper which may also be useful to you:


In order to figure out what is causing this, I have some questions below:


Did you develop this VI or is this an actual VI from the NI DMM palette?


If you open the VI in LabVIEW Development System and select FIle -> VI properties, is the version given indeed 12.0?


Does the VI use any controls or subVI's, if so which are these and also are they stored within packed libraries?


If you build a project with your VI, create an executable, does this successfully run? (Some properties and functions are not supported on the Runtime Engine so incompatibility could lie here).


Best regards,



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