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terminated or abort



I was wondering what is the major difference between terminated and abort in teststand.



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Terminate will run steps in Cleanup, Abort will not.

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And just as addtional.

If you are running your stuff inside a process model. Terminate will generate a report and you are able to restart once more. Abort will report nothing because process model will be aborted, too.





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From p 3-7 of the NI TestStand Reference Manual, "Terminating and Aborting Executions" section:


"When you terminate an execution, all the Cleanup steps, including subsequences the Cleanup steps call, execute normally and disregard the pending termination. If you terminate an execution, or reselect Terminate while a Cleanup step is running and the step monitors for termination, the step terminates prematurely and TestStand proceeds to execute the next Cleanup step. Terminating a Cleanup step terminates only that step and the execution proceeds with the next Cleanup step. When you terminate an execution while the client sequence file is still running, the default process model continues to run, possibly testing the next UUT or generating a report.


When you abort an execution, the Cleanup steps do not run, and the process model does not continue. Abort an execution in cases when you want an execution to completely stop as soon as possible. In general, it is better to
terminate execution so the Cleanup steps can return the system to a known state. Abort an execution only when you are debugging or when you are sure it is safe to skip the Cleanup steps for a sequence."


TestStand Documentation
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Hi All,


Terminate not calling Cleanup step,


Am I missing any configuration?

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Hi saran1988,


Try creating a new sequence file with a message popup in Main and another message popup in Cleanup. Set the message expression to "Main" and "Cleanup" just to make sure there isn't any confusion which is which. Now Run MainSequence and when the execution gets to the "Main" message popup, click Terminate Execution or Ctrl+Shift+F9. Does the "Cleanup" popup occur? Basically, I just want to make sure we have the simplest reproducible case of the behavior you're seeing.

Mark M.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Hi Mark.


Thanks for the reply. 

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After terminating the sequence the report says that 'Report generation interrupted.'

I am trying to create a sequence in which report should generate after terminating the sequence.


Am I missing something here?

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Hi Hruti,


The above thread is over one year old so I recommend creating a brand new thread for higher visibility. 


In that thread, could you expand upon what steps your sequence goes through before a typical termination?

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