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sequence analyzer: Data Transfer between one sequence analyzer rule to another

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Is there any way by which I can send data from one sequence analyzer rule to another.


I have created rules to count number of SCOPE step, REQUIREMENT TEXT step , APPROACH step


Now I want to create another rules which reads the values from each of these rules

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Would it be possible to extract all that data into a variable of some sort, and then routinely check that?

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I don't want to extract the data in any variable. I wanted the sequence analyzer to internally send data from one rule to anoter

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What language are you writing your custom Sequence Analyzer rules in?



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Here are a few ideas that come to mind:


  1. You could create a Functional Global Variable in LabVIEW to store values from previously analyzed rules.
  2. Write the data to a file and read back in other Analysis Modules.
  3. Use the AnalysisContext reference passed into each Analysis Module; this provides a reference to the TestStand Engine which could be used to create a new PropertyObject  and store it in the Engine's TemporaryGlobals (using the PropertyObject API). Here is an example that ships with TestStand to show you some of the necessary techniques to accomplish this:


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Accepted by Tah44



One of my colleagues brought another, likely better, idea to my attention this morning:


Use the AnalysisContext.GetRuleAnalysisData method to access other Analysis Rule's data:



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