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seeking for cooperation

Seeking for cooperation

We are one of the largest companys on agriculture and chemistry in
China.we just want to find a partner through internet.because we want to

invest such a project(2000mt/year Fumed Silica ( SiO2) Production Unit)
and we didn't find the proper partner to design and start the project.So

we want to find a partner to help us to start it or introduce us another

man,institute,company to do it,include the technology and engineering.

thank you very much for you attention.

best regards

GanSu YaSheng Group P.R.C

Required by the companys development, China Gansu Yasheng Group is
seeking for a partner to cooperate on investment and construction of the

project of 2000mt/year Fumed Silica ( SiO2) Production Unit.
operation Forms could be Joint venture or Technology transference.
Advantages of construction conditions of this project are as follows:
1. available formal document approved by the government;
2. abundant raw materials of chlorine gashydrogen and ferrosilicon;
3. spare site;
4. surplus public utilities of waterelectricity and steam;
5. convenient transportation and communications system of railway and
6. wide range of various specific technicians;
7. preferential policy of state development in western area;
Any companies or individuals that owns the technology of this project at

abroad or home are warmly welcomed to contact us.
Company name: China Gansu Yasheng Group
Legal representative: Zhou Changsheng
Company add.: No.219 Zhangye Rd, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, PRC.
Postal add.: P.O.B1011, Central Square, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province,
PRC. PC: 730030
Tel: 0086-0931-8412777 Fax: 0086-0931-8483195
Web site: E-mail:
Person contact with: Wu Guangfa
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Wu Guangfa,

In the event you are still looking for assistance to design and start your project, you may wish to consult the NI Alliance Program page at for some potential contacts or companies.

Wilbur Shen
Web Support and Operations
National Instruments
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