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save report in TDM format



my org. needs the report to be saved in TDM format (standard format in our Org.)


we have recently implemented teststand


is there a TDM plugin available for   teststand  which i can use in Result processing (teststand)


or has anybody other workaround for the same

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TDM is a file format for measurement values, so not necessarily meant to store execution results of a TestStand sequence execution.


So in short:

No, there is no plugin or whatsoever to create a TDM file storing results of a TestStand test.


You can implement your own plugin for this, but it will be a bunch of work and i question the content of that TDM file.


If you want to store measurement values in TDM (raw data used by TS to determine the result of the DUT), you should use the module to save those values in TDM(S).


hope this helps,

CEO: What exactly is stopping us from doing this?
Expert: Geometry
Marketing Manager: Just ignore it.
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Are you already using TestStand?

Do you report your results as ATML(5)?

In this case you can use the ATML DataPlugin to read the ATML data and convert it to TDM (using LabVIEW or DIAdem).

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thanku all for the response

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well there are a lot    of issues with the ATML   plugin from NI


and secondly we want to use the TDM so that the report structure could be customized


has any one tried that

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