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"Variables should be used" unexpectedly shown when string variables used in middle of expression


  Here's in TS2016, when used a string variables in the middle of a expression, the analysis results of this sequece will report it as a unused variables like below in attaced picture, this leads me several times deleted the inuse varialbes and take trubble to recover them....Please help to check if any method to filter this kind of situation out?

  Thanks a lot~!

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I might be wrong but I think they are 2 different variables and that's why is not being used.


One is LVLFilename and the other one is FileName.


Isn't it?

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may not, because when i double click the warning in analysis, it directly jump to the variable in previouse picture in parameters of step settings

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What is the full name in the Analysis Results?


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just locals file name Locals.LVLFileName, no other letters

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Is the picture of sequence "0503_4213_310_AT00_01"?

What are the rest of the Locals?

Locals.FileName looks to be a container.


Actually looking at your Sequence, the step is "Skipped" therefore the warning is correct.

Ray Farmer
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