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programattically change to atml?

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If my default report format is html, and I want a particular sequence to have atml, or vice versa, is there a way to programmatically change that in the sequence?

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Hey David,

Try the ReportOptions callback. This will let you change the report settings programmatically at the beginning of execution.
Daniel E.
TestStand Staff Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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I've just now got a chance to get back to this.  From what I gather from the help, the proper way to override the contents of a model callback such as ReportOptions is to put a call to it in the client sequence file, is this correct?  This callback does not seem to execute otherwise, because I put a breakpoint in reportoptions within the model, ran the sequence, and my sequence did not halt, though it did generate a report.  This seeems to be what is being done in the example, just wondering if this is always the method to customize the contents of a callback.



David Jenkinson

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Nevermind, I've just realized those callbacks are available for enabling via the right-click "sequence callback" item in the "sequence" area.  I never knew those callbacks were available for client sequences.  I've only ever enabled certain callbacks from the process model sequence for "poststep" and "prestep" callback sequences.  Thanks for the reply

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