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ntdll.dll crash, exception 0xC0000005 After TestStand Deployment

I am trying to deploy a TestStand system, with custom test sequences, process model, some custom .dlls, and dynamic vi calls.

After finally getting the deployment to build, I can now successfully install on the deployment machine.

The deployment machine will successfully open my test sequence, and run my modified FrontEndCallbacks.seq. 

I get stuck, when I try to run the actual test sequence!


When I do so, I get the error message telling me that ntdll.dll crashed. I don't know what this is, but I gather that is a Windows dll of some kind.

I am trying to figure out the cause.


Development machine: Win XP, 32-bit. TS 2010 SP1, LV 2011.

Deployment machine: Win 7, 64-bit. TS 2010 SP1, LV 2011 RTE.


The AE assisting me in this suggested that I had a .NET issue, but version 4, which was suggested I install, is installed.


Please help!

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Hi Jauron,


Would it be possible to post a screenshot of the error?




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Sure thing...

The interesting bit - this only happens if I try to run my test sequence with my modified process model. If i open a new sequence, and run it, this doesn't happen. I say this is interesting because, in either case, I am only pressing 'Test UUTs' - and this processes GUI info for the model, the test sequence isn't executed until I enter a SN and click go.

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I run into a similar issue (error attached) when I try to analyze the Source Files in a TestStand deployment. Any idea what could be happening?


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Hi farjadzaheer. Did you find a solution? I have the same Deployment utility crash report.

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