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ni-daqmx task in teststand



I want read a fixture Id number using 1 digtal port (8 bits) of the PXI-6509 installed on my test station. I have created a taks using ni-daqmx and i'm looking to execute the ni-daqmx task

directly from teststand. I can't find a step type to use for calling a ni-daqmx task.


Have you example how to integrate ni-daqmx directly to teststand sequence (like switch executive) without passing by third-party software (labview, C# or other)




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I do not believe this currently exists, I was able to find a feature request for this in the Idea Exchange, I would recommend you Kudo's the topic since this is the feature you would like:


The most direct thing you could do which would however still require an adapter module to be used is to create your own custom step types, this would still require developing code in an adapter module such as LabVIEW, CVI or other, however would give the allure of being a step type. More information is available in the white paper below on custom step types:





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