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logging custom UUT to Database in TS2012

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Hi :


    Because user required more information such as  PCB version,Process ID... in UUT container , so I creat a custom datatype My_UUT to replace UUT default. After  modified UUT in NI_databaselogger.seq in TS41 and TS2010, I can add PCB Version and Process ID in "Database Option dialog:Columns and Parameters"  and in the "Expression Borrows" dialog, logging.uut has been changed as My_UUT.


    But in TS2012, after modified UUT in NI_databaselogger.seq,  the logging.uut  was still kept as default UUT. How can I change it???

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The UUT instance is passed from the model to the plugins, so the definition in the model also needs to be updated.

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    Yes I do modify UUT definition in SequentialModel.seq and  other two model in TS4.1, It 's OK.


    But , In TS2012  I can't modify the UUT definition when a Plugin subsequence (which has UUT parameter) was called.  How can you change their definition?



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Accepted by Sailfish

"    But , In TS2012  I can't modify the UUT definition when a Plugin subsequence"


I'm not sure what you mean by 'can't modify'.


You should be able to load the model files and plugins, edit the UUT datatype, and then saved them all.


However, another possible better idea would to edit only UUT local variables in the model entry point sequences. You can add properties beneath UUT.AdditionalData without needing to change the actual UUT type definition because AdditionalData is marked with the unstructured flag. Of course, if you do this, the properties you add won't be visible on UUT instances at edit time....but they will appear at runtime.

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