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issue with deployment utility


i tried to convert our project into deployment installer so that it can run on test system which has on Labview RTE and TS but it fails and shows an error on test sytem that missing sub vis. how can we include library vis (vi.lib, user.lib) to into installer as our vi use those as subvis. 



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Actually we have a very big project with so many sequences all used vis witch used shared vis from(vi.lib) for that project i have tried to covert deployment utility but it fails with error that its cant find files from div.lvproj, also throw the error that subvis are missing.

we have one system vi LV and TS development env. and want to run this project on deployment env. which have LV RTE and TS. 

so can u please answer what is probleam with that?

can we include labview project(.lvproj) in teststand deployment utility?

can we include those vi.lib file in so that it can run on test system..


Thank you..

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