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how to set default sequence to load in operator interface

How do you set the default sequence file to load in the operator interface?  I would like a specific sequence file to always load with the operator interface (teststand 3.1, LV7.1)
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The easiest way to do it is passing it as a parameter in your shorcut like this:

"C:\OperatorInterfaces\User\Full-Featured\LabVIEW\TestExec.exe" "C:\TestStand\YourSeq.seq"

There are other alternative ways if you decide to do it programatically...

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Can you please tell me some of these "alternative ways"?

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It depends on the exact functionality that you are trying to achieve, but there are many ways to change the default sequence behavior.


This thread discusses the opening and direct execution of default sequences through the TestStand API. This community example shows how to uses the TestStand API in CVI for loading an unloading sequence files.


I would suggest creating a new post (as this thread is almost 8 years old) with any additional questions, as it would be more likely to be answered quickly.

Evan See
National Instruments
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Try this method --  OpenSequenceFile。


Win 10 & LabVIEW 2014 SP1
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