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how to extract each value of the split array



I want example how to extract the each element form the spli array.


Rite now i am using


Set PSUChannel (1,10V,18VOVP,1ALimit,3AOCP,OutputON)


Where 1 represents locals.inputchannel, b represents locals.inputvolts......


Locals.arrayCommandsIn = Split (Parameters.DataInTabArray,{"    "} ), // Break out the tab spaced parameter & assigns to array of local variables (CommandsIn)
Locals.InputChannel = Abs(Val(Locals.CommandsIn[0], Locals.InputChannelIsANumber)), // PSU Channel to use
Locals.InputVolts = Abs(Val(Locals.CommandsIn[1], Locals.InputVoltsIsANumber)), // PSU Voltage to input
Locals.InputOVP = Abs(Val(Locals.CommandsIn[2], Locals.InputOVPIsANumber)),  // PSU OverVoltage Protection Value
Locals.InputCurrentLimit = Abs(Val(Locals.CommandsIn[3], Locals.InputCurrentLimitIsANumber )), // PSU Input Current Limit Value
Locals.InputOCP = Abs(Val(Locals.CommandsIn[4], Locals.InputOCPIsANumber)), // PSU Over Current Protection Limit Value
Locals.InputDesiredState = Locals.CommandsIn[5], // Is the PSU to be switched ON or OFF

Please let  me know how to extract the values locals.inputchannel, locals.inputvolts .......currently it is giving error





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When I use this command: Locals.temparray=Split("abc\tdef\tghi","\t")

I am able to access Locals.temparray[0], [1], and [2].


I am not sure what the data in your "Parameters.DataInTabArray" looks like, but if it's tab delimited like in my example, the second argument for the split function should be "\t".


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