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how can I customize the user login status indicator?

I need to change the state of this indicator for my application. Is anyone aware of some API call I can make to customize this?

Specifically, I'd like to change the text to something along the lines of "Attempting to log in."


See attached image for the exact element I'm talking about:



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Unfortunately that is linked to a caption source.  You can read more about them here:


Basically the status bar (which is what you sent a picture of) shows a bunch of different caption sources.  It is an activeX control and each of the panes within the status bar get linked to a different source.  That one happens to be linked to the CaptionSource_User which can be read about in the link above.


Some of the sources can be overridden via ui messages.  You can read more about those here:


You can specifically override the progress text by sending the UIMsg_ProgressText UI Message: RunState.Thread.PostUIMessageEx(UIMsg_ProgressText, 0, "Attempting to log in", Nothing, False)


Hope this helps,

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