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getting special data

is anyone knows how can i get or set all the options you can mark or unmark
in the seq editor (like the Tracing Enabled and the Break At First Step in
the execute menu) ?

advanced thank's.
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You can access all of these options via the TestStand API. For instance the Tracing Enabled option is actually a property of the TestStand Engine object...Engine.TracingEnabled. The other option you mentioned, Break At First Step is a property of a TestStand Execution object. All of the properties and methods of the TestStand API are referenced in detail in the Help>>ActiveX API of the Sequence Editor. You can access these properties and methods from within a test sequence by using the ActiveX adapter. You can also access them via your test code modules using the TestStand ActiveX VIs/functions in your preferred programming environment.

Richard McDonell
National Instruments
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