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frontend.dll is missing

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Teststand could not login anymore due to missing frontend dll. It pops a file explorer to find the file but it is not present in the directory. Complete deletion of TS 2016 SP1 folder and reinstallation of 64 bit does not fix the problem and I am not running any custom frontend sequence

 frontend dll on disk.JPG


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I had the same behaviour on a PC. The reason was that the user added some extra directories at the top of the list of the search directories


Make sure that you add directories at the bottom of the list of search directories. The top of the search directories list should be in the default state, as in the screen below



Hope it helps



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Great. It works now...

The default state of directories were messed up with new directories on top

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I was unable to change the search directories options as I have disabled icons.Please suggest me another way to get rid of frontend.dll missing error. Find the attached for the reference

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replace the files in the directory with the working system files

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can you describe a step by step on how you did this? Im not sure i follow

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