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download older version run time engine

Why is it so hard to find older versions of anything NI?  I am still supporting CVI 6 applications (I posted this in 2016).

My current issue is that I need NI TestStand RTE for version 2012.  I have several NI FTP sites bookmarked but some of them don't look they have been updated in years.


So my real question is where can I download NI TestStand RTE 2012.


Sorry to be so grumpy but I don't think this should be so difficult to do.  And it something that comes up for me several times a year.




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There is no such thing as TestStand RTE.  TestStand engine is the same no matter what you install.  The key is getting the correct licensing.


That being said, I do agree that it is hard to find older versions of NI software. I can usually find it on the products page:


If it's not there then I contact NI.


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What was I thinking- you are correct TestStand is a collection of other NI Stuff.  Thanks for the link though- its bookmarked now!

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