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does anyone know how to remove columns on the TestStand Editor?

Is it possible to have only Step and status column on the operator interface while running the operator interface, I just one to show this column which from the operator statndpoint seems to be the more important to look at, if someone knows if this is doable please reply to my question
I just want to have two columns at runtime
Step                               Status
Nameofmytest               Pass
Nameofmytest2             Done
and so on
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Hi Vamador,


Yes you can modify the operator interface to just show certain columns. To modify these columns, first open up your top-level GUI (For LabVIEW, it’s the Top-Level; For LabWindows/CVI, it’s TestExec.uir). Then right-click the Execution View object (this objects displays the threads, call stack, and steps for the selected execution). If in LabVIEW, after right-clicking select SequenceView >> Properties. If in LabWIndows/CVI select Properties. Then select the Columns tab and begin modifying whatever you like. Refer to the attached screenshot.


Hope this helps!

Jonathan N.
National Instruments
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Sorry, Jonathan!  Didn't see that you posted.  Yes the SequenceView control is editable.

Tyler T

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thanks for your help!



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