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daqmx vi's and teststand integration

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So far i have been doing good on teststand using regular instruments as  scope, power supply, function generator, dmm and switches.


so i had to use a daqmx card  for a particular test. And i found that i cannot pass the reference of the task across teststand as it would be with a regular dmm, function generator instrument. the regular proces i am used to is to:


*init instrument(get reference)

*use Vi's to :






*Close reference


So what i had to end up doing for example in a test were i set analog ouput value to my DUT then  via serial port get the value that my DUT is reading. 


the ususal way will be steps:

-set daqmx

-start daqmx

-Read Serial DUT and do a limit test

-Stop daq

-Close task


but it doesnt work that way.


what i end up doing is run a vi on the background with the Daqmx task and have a notifier from testand closing my vi like the picture





Teststand notifier




is my statement about daqmx  correct?


is this one of the ways to do it with daqmx?


your input to improve the use of daqmx on testand will help me a lot. 





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You can indeed pass the DAQmx task handle between different LabVIEW action steps. TestStand has what's called a LabVIEWIOControl, which is a particular kind of object used to transfer these LabVIEW IO parameters between steps. More information on this process can be found here:


On the LabVIEW side, all you would need to do is create the necessary controls/indicators wired to your front panel with the task handle inputs and outputs; the above KB describes how to implement the object that will handle these references on the TestStand side.

Kirk L. | Applications Engineer | National Instruments
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For your information, MESULOG provides free DAQmx Custom Step Types for NI TestsTand.

They are we easy to use :




And it's FREE !

So don't hesitate to download and try it.


Kind regards,

CTA - Certified TestStand Architect (2008 - 2022)
CTD - Certified TestStand Developer (2004 & 2007)
CLD - Certified LabVIEW Developer (2003 & 2005)

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Thanks for this....

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