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create test sequence from lab view - add it to the .seq file

Hello All,
               I have a query. consider an test sequence that has already stored in "Test.seq" format. let us say we have 5 test steps.
now is it possible to add a new test step to this existing test sequence using Lab VIEW. I mean if we enter a new test step this has to reflect in the existing test sequence "Test.seq".  i.e in the "Test.seq" we must have 6 test steps.
  If this is possible let me know how this can be done. 
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Yes you can. The easies way would be to have some steps already in you sequencefile, so that you can clone the step.

The Programmer Reference Help will also provide valuable information as well.

I think the example in the TestStand folder examples\SequenceFileBuilder uses this technique. Also I have provided a link to an example on NI website that maybe of help.

You will have to remember that if you are doing this on a target system, that system will require a full development licence. The deployment licences donot allow creations of sequencefile (which is what you will be doing) only the execution.


Ray Farmer

Ray Farmer
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      Thanks for your reply. I hope that will be enough. will look into that and get back to if there is an issues/doubts.
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