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changing step name bug?

I have created a step type, where the edit substep programatically changes the step name by a labview diagram.  It works, but I do not see the changed step name reflected in the sequence editor display right away.  I need to right click on the step, properties, click cancel.  Any other action works also.
Furthermore, when in the tree view, and adding/editing steps, I saw where the tree step names on the left and the step names on the right pane did not match after programatically changing the step names.  I had to right click on "main" at the top level of the tree on the left, and select sequence properties, then cancel.  Seems like the gui is not refreshing, and I see no way to "refresh" the gui.  Is there a way to programatically do a refresh of the gui as a workaround?  BTW, it does not always behave this way, I did see once where the change was reflected right away, just not very often.


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If you are modifying a sequence file, you need to incriment the change count on the sequence file object.  You can use the method PropertyObjectFile.IncChangeCount().  Once the change count has been incrimented, the Sequence Editor will know to refresh.
Allen P.
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That seemed to work, although I had a pretty rough time finding that PropertyObjectFile.IncChangeCount().  I went to the class browser and found it, but I was a bit befuddled trying to figure out what to wire to the reference.  I finally got a sequencfile reference from sequencecontext, then did a Aspropertyobjectfile.  Not sure if this is the right way but seems to work.

Thanks again
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