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best way to show changing variables in operator interface



I have a loop where I'm reading pressure variables that change over 5 minutes.


During development, in the sequence editor, I can easily watch the variables change by looking at the variable pane.


But now, I need to monitor these variables through the operator interface.


Now I can likely do this brute force by calling a labview routine every so often in the loop and passing the variables I want to monitor to it; The labview window would be tailored just for those variables.....


But is that the best way?  Or are the better, more efficient mechanisms available?  Could I tell Test Stand that I want to monitor those variables and it does it for me? Or should I create a Labview table and pass it the variables and Labview will automatically fill out the table with parameters I supply? (Just thought of that now...but I haven't researched the mechanisms)


Any thoughts?




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Here are 3 options:


Option 1: start an asynchronous VI at the beginning of your test and then use some mechanism to update the values on it (queue, variable reference etc...)  Similar to what you suggested but instead of it popping up over an over it remains up.  Most brute force method.  Definitely not the most elegant.


Option 2: customize the UI with some FP controls and use UI Messages to update those controls.  This is just like the example in the TestStand II training manual.  This link sorta has an example.  Most pleasing option for your end user.  A bit of a learning curve with customizing the UI.


Option 3: use an existing UI Message such as UIMsg_ProgressText (read about it in the TestStand help).  It will show up in the status bar on your UI.   By far the simplest solution.


Hope this helps,

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