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best way to migrate teststand project

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Hello all. I'm new in teststand


I have to work again on an old ramp piloted by a teststand core. for this, I first have to copy every data with another computer, just to see the source codes and .seq files, since I cannot work directly from the ramp


After copying the workspace, a lot of things don't work / are not recognized anymore in the source code. the principal one is the station globals. is it stored somewhere else from the project repertory? can you indicate all of the things outside from the project I have to copy with my project and with which way?


thanks for your help

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It isn't trivial to just simply copy like this.  There is so much that goes into a TestStand automation.  Consider the following components that make up a TestStand system:

  • Process Model/s and support code
  • Client sequence file and dependencies (VIs, DLLs, Assemblies, etc...)
  • Cfg files (station settings, stationglobals, search directories, reporting options, etc...)
  • User Interface
  • Engines
  • Drivers
  • And much more

Station globals are stored in the config directory.  Usually stored here: C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\TestStand 2010 SP1\Cfg on Windows 7. 


In addition to the configuration settings the most important thing to copy over would be the .seq file and all of its dependencies.  You would need to go through it step by step to figure out what all of those are.  And then to top that off you need to make sure that when you do copy them over they are reachable by the search directories (of if using absolute paths that they are in the exact same spot). 


The best way to move a TestStand system is to deploy it.


Hope this helps,

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